Repeat Credit/Debit Card Payments – Sagepay Token Service
September 2011

As we advised recently when introducing the Allpay Token service, we always try to make it easier to make payments to us. We are pleased to announce that we have introduced a new service, SagePay tokens, that will simplify making regular payments using our secure on-line service.

Currently, if you make more than one payment, you have to enter your personal details such as name, address etc. each time. By registering for a SagePay token you will only need to enter all your personal details at the point of registration. When you return to make future payments, you will simply login in to your SagePay account, select your card and enter your 3 digit CV2 security code and the amount and your payment will be sent to us.

The system works by your card being registered with Sagepay who store the card details on their secure servers. You can find out more about Sagepay here Alex M Adamson LLP do not at any time store or have access to your card details. Sagepay send us a token and it is that token that is sent by AMA to Sagepay to authorise transactions by this method.

If you will be making regular payments by card, you may want to register for the SagePay token service as detailed below: