Why AMA for Citation & Diligence?

Workflow technology with Minerva software

  • Ensures prompt and accurate execution of instructions
  • Cases are continuously tracked throughout their time at AMA with all necessary quality checks included as part of the process
  • Use of PDA's by officers on the road with seamless synchronisation leads to further efficiencies for our clients
  • AMA is at the forefront in the use of IT to provide an effective and efficient service

Web Minerva

  • Free Online Access available to clients on request
  • Enables case progress to be tracked in real time
  • Enables ordering of copy documents ordered without the need to call or e-mail.
  • Facilities are also available to instruct us on-line.
  • Enables checking of balances to include all chargeable sheriff officer fees.


With over 40 years experience AMA have developed workflow driven quality ensuring prompt and accurate execution of instructions.

We pride ourselves on a fast turnaround. Online instruction and access is free to our clients.

Inclusive Services

AMA's reports are succinct, focusing on information relevant to you, and incorporating Tracing where applicable.

We use major databases for residence confirmation and tracing Company reports.