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About AMA
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Vision and Values

Alex M Adamson LLP is a highly professional firm of Sheriff Officers that has long recognised the changing needs of clients and has reacted to that by a process of continual improvement and modernisation. While still providing the standard officer of court services by way of Citation and Diligence, Alex M Adamson go beyond that at every stage to provide Value Added Services

Basic Facts

  • Founded in 1960
  • 5 offices throughout Central Scotland to comprehensively service the whole country.
  • Three main areas of work, Citation & Diligence, Revenue Management and Debt Collection
  • The core business of Alex M Adamson LLP remains that of providing Messenger-at-arms and Sheriff Officer Services with our Messengers dealing with Actions in the Court of Session and our sheriff officers with all other matters. Whether it is straightforward citation or service of documents or acceptance of instructions to more complex areas such as arrestment of ships or attachment of aircraft Alex M Adamson LLP can be relied upon to provide a professional, prompt and cost effective service. See our Citation and Diligence page

Citation and Diligence Services in brief
  • Service and Enforcement of all Court of Session and Sheriff Court actions throughout Scotland, throughout the UK and across the rest of the world.
  • Service and enforcement of all non-Scottish actions throughout Scotland
  • Witness Citations
  • Enforcement of Orders in Family Actions
  • Repossessions
  • Arrestment of Ships
  • Statutory Demands for Payment
  • Intimation of statutory notices
  • Service of notices under Bankruptcy and Insolvency legislation
  • Service of extra-judicial documents
  • Uplift and delivery of urgent instructions.