Debt Collection - Why use us?

Dealing with day-to-day business is challenging enough without having to pursue dilatory or unwilling debtors.Whenever the need arises, Alex M Adamson LLP can act on your behalf. We can offer a full range of professional services that can be tailored to meet your requirements. We operate on a no collection - no commission basis.

  • On-line access to our collection systems, which will allow you to instruct us electronically and monitor the progress of your casework. There are no set up costs; our income requires the collection of your debt.
  • Integrated system of letter and telephone collection
  • Systematic and timely reporting.
  • Availability of comprehensive tracing and status reporting services.
  • Real time on-line access to client case loads for up to date case tracking
  • Availability of comprehensive service including court proceeding and enforcement of court decrees.


30 Day reporting Cycle
  • Our systems work on a 30 day reporting cycle and we aim to have your debt settled within this timeframe
Workflow driven
  • From receiving your instruction the workflow will automatically generate a combination of letters and telephone calls. If a debtor's financial circumstances do not permit early settlement we will endeavour to make a payment arrangement to achieve full settlement as quickly as possible.
Reporting and remittance of funds
  • In situations where settlement is likely to be protracted we will report to you seeking approval and instruction. Our workflow will monitor payment arrangements and set follow up tasks should arrangements be defaulted upon. Upon settlement or part payment funds are remitted on a weekly basis to your nominated bank account and a remittance advice issued.

Personal Contact

We have built up a strong team of dedicated debt recovery staff with many years commercial experience. Cases are assigned to individual managers and all clients are supplied with contact names, direct phone lines and personal email addresses.