Liquidated Book Debt
18 January 2011

Alex M Adamson LLP has recently moved into a new collection area, the collection of outstanding debts due to companies that have gone into Receivership or Liquidation.

Acting on behalf of two leading Scottish insolvency practices AMA has achieved success in recovering substantial sums for the liquidated companies bringing benefits both to our clients and to the creditors of the liquidated companies.

Dealing with this type of debt has proved burdensome in the past for liquidators but Alex M Adamson’s Minerva software, with it’s automated processes and on-line facilities, has considerably reduced the associated administration and helped to make the processing of this type of debt substantially simpler for the insolvency profession.

The results achieved demonstrated once again that we have a core of highly experienced and pro-active staff who can deal with a wide variety of debt recovery situations with aplomb. If you would like further details of how we can deal with this type of collection activity please contact us.