Investors in People – 9 years of recognition
1 June 2011

At an IIP assessment in March 2011, our Investors in People accreditation was maintained, the assessor being “satisfied beyond any doubt that Alex M Adamson LLP meets the Investor in People standard”.

Alex M Adamson led the way in the Sheriff Officer profession by being the first to achieve IIP recognition and achieving that standard has been further recognised in assessments in 2005, 2008 and now in 2011. We are a forward looking company that makes full use of state of the art technology to deliver efficiencies to clients. That technology is however driven by people and it is our people who deliver the personal working relationships which our clients derive value from.

Alex M Adamson will join a select group of companies who have had 10 years IIP recognition in 2012. We aim to continue to work to the IIP standard to deliver the highest level of service.

The quotes on the right, from the independent review will help to give a flavour of what we are trying to achieve at AMA.

"Alex M Adamson LLP is to be commended on its very clear vision and strategy."

"It was clear that there is a strong commitment to learning and development at the firm and recognition that skilled, knowledgeable and flexible staff are required to maintain a competitive advantage."

"Alex M Adamson LLP has been able to capitalise on being a relatively small firm with long-serving, loyal and skilled staff, which provides clients with continuity and a personal approach, whilst being technologically advanced. This has improved efficiency and staff have access to accurate, up-to-date information and are able to offer clients a range of options using the technology available to them. A commitment to learning and development has resulted in high standards, a strong local reputation and good long-term customer relationships, where personal contact and an in-depth understanding of the customer and their needs have been established."