One Contact Number
01 March 2008

Further Value Added Services through Telephone Technology

Contact with any of our offices is now simplified by a single telephone number covering all of our offices. The single number to contact is now 01324 621293. Using VOIP technology all offices are now connected on a single telephone network.

Branch office staff can, of course still be contacted using the relevant extension numbers. This will simplify contact with us but also enables the more efficient routing of calls and monitoring of call traffic.

We have also invested in the latest generation of XDA PDAs, which bring added benefits for our officers use on the road. Bluetooth integration enables wireless connectivity with in-car navigation system for hands free use and ability to conduct remote printing on the move.

They also utilise the latest version of Mobile Windows providing full compatibility with AMA's network. The in-built qwerty keyboard improves data input options. In addition they are fully web-capable allowing development of remote updating software to limit in-office time for officers. Yet again technology is contributing to greater levels of efficiency for AMA and for clients.