Investors in People Recognition again
05 March 2008

Focus on Staff development

Alex M Adamson’s recognition as Investors in People has been confirmed again at a further review. While the company has always prided itself on the use of technology to drive up the standards of service to clients, it is ultimately people who deliver the service.

Our realisation of the importance of staff development led us down the IIP route and we were the first Sheriff Officers to achieve this recognition in 2002. Our commitment to further developing our people led to the award being renewed in 2005 and now again in 2008. The quotes on the right, from the independent review will help to give a flavour of what we are trying to achieve at AMA.

"they all have an awareness of the changing legislative environment and the difficulties surrounding this, how it may impact upon the business and the changes which may have to be made. People are also very cognisant of how they can contribute to the organisation’s objectives and feel extremely encouraged to be come forward with new ideas and be involved in decision-making.

"There is a high level of management effectiveness in this organisation with managers providing a great deal of support and coaching for their people. There is also a high level of sharing knowledge and experience both within and across teams. People feel highly valued and there is a strong reward and recognition strategy for an organisation of this size."