One-stop portal for money advice services launched
9 December 2014

A new Financial Health Service offering a one-stop-shop for money advice services has been launched today by the Scottish Government. Scotland’s Financial Health Service website provides links to a range of organisations offering information and advice on debt, managing money, housing, homelessness and ethical lending.

A key part of the new website is a Financial Education module which aims to help people to manage their money to stop any future problems. Their online learning tool covers areas such as budgeting, saving, borrowing, insurance and tax. The website also allows users to search for their local credit unions and find out about the products offered by them, and to search for approved money advisers.

The website does not provide advice directly but does signpost links to a variety of resources, advice agencies and credit unions.

Reaction to the new site can be found on the Scottish Government news pages AMA welcomes the introduction of this site as it enables us to direct customers who are facing difficulty to a one stop shop for money advice services.