Drop in Court Actions
18 February 2011

Statistics produced by Registry Trust Ltd showed an almost 27% drop in the value of small claim and summary cause decrees in 2010. The drop in value was around £11.8 million and brought the figure back below 2008 levels. This was reflected in the overall number of debt decrees which fell by 27.1 % as against 2009. This downturn in number of court actions was evident both for consumer debt and business debt. The drop in court actions is also reflected in the drop of 17 % in personal insolvencies last year

Registry Trust Ltd is a not for profit organisation that maintains judgement and decree in the information throughout the British Isles and Ireland. The full set of statistics can be found at the
Registry Trust website.

The statistics do not themselves provide any reason for the drop. Court action can be a time consuming and expensive process and it may be in times of recession that creditors are pursuing other methods of recovery. Court action can still be a cost effective method of recovery and AMA’s pre-court investigative processes can help to avoid throwing good money after bad. If you want further information and how we can help please contact us using link below.