Allpay App payments now available
28 August 2014

AMA are always striving to make it easier for customers to make payments. That has now continued with the availability to make payments using an Allpay number either on-line or by a smartphone or tablet using a downloaded app. Register for on-line payments or download the smartphone/tablet app From the Methods of Payment page - under the Allpay On-line & Allpay App heading. You will need an Allpay card to make payments in this way but simply ask for a card when making payments.

Online or app payments are much more convenient as they can be made at the time of your choosing rather than requiring a trip to a Payzone outlet. They are also cheaper than going to a Payzone outlet with a charge of 48p rather than 70p.

On the subject of charges it is worth a reminder that we offer a range of free methods of payment including direct debt, standing order and on-line banking payments. Again you can specify your preferred method of payment when making payment arrangements.